About This Site

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Welcome to my blogging experiment, a collection of things I find interesting and have thoughts and/or opinions on. I enjoy philosophy and writing — this is my attempt to do more of both more consistently.

All posts exist on my blog as well as the Steem blockchain forever and ever and ever.  

I make no warrants on claims or viewpoints, and I reserve the right to change my mind, thoughts, and/or opinions at anytime, for any reason.  At no time do the contents of this experiment reflect my employer or anyone else unless explicitly stated.


I thought a lot about a grounding concept for this work. In the end, I concluded that the best brand I could can make was myself and that a name isn’t as important as the content the name contains. Creating a brand for one’s identity to become one’s identity seemed really silly.


The blog serves as a publishing platform for the broadcast of ideas and guarantees ownership and control over the product. The blockchain (Steem) serves as an immutable house for content and allows for an easy way to plug in to an existing community (Steemit) and receive compensation for the work.

At its core:

  1. Thoughts, opinions, and ideas should be free and accessible to everyone.
  2. People that create content should be able to benefit from it economically.
  3. Members of a community should be able to benefit from the community. This facilitates the exchange of ideas.
  4. Ownership of content is very important. Ownership of content is control of content. Owning the means of publishing is controlling content.

All content on andrewjneumann.com is licensed as, unless otherwise specified (and Made with β€οΈ in Portland, Oregon):

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Β© 2019.